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Stats represent 2020 gravywork data


Average crew member wage


Average amount crew members earn above minimum wage 


Of crew members received overtime pay


Of crew members get sick pay, workers` comp, and access to health insurance

One job app that puts you in control.

With a variety of work to choose from, you can find hourly jobs that fit your location, schedule, and skills. Just fill out one application to access a wide variety of part-time jobs and full-time jobs.

With Gravy, you can skip the endless paperwork, calls, and emails of traditional staffing. Just complete one application and a quick questionnaire, and you’ll get full-time and part-time jobs sent right to your phone—complete with the wage, location, job description, and company reviews. You decide if the job is right for you. And there’s never a penalty for declining positions.

You are always in control. We match you with the best fitting jobs near you based on your location, experience, skills, and preferences. You decide to accept or not.

As a W-2 employee of Gravy, you get paid weekly. Plus you get great benefits like overtime, sick days, workers' comp, and access to health insurance.

With Gravy, you can manage your ratings and reviews all-in-one place with local employers. And, level-up with free training and certifications.


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