The Future of Work is Gravy

Trusted by top employers. Loved by local talent.

W-2 workers at your fingertips 📲

Gravy is a real-time staffing platform that makes it easy to find and manage hourly or full-time workers. Our technology gives you instant access to thousands of trusted, skilled, pre-screened, W-2 and 1099 workers and solutions that make staff management a breeze.

Gravy handles everything...
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Only Gravy fills 90% of jobs within 24-hours ⚡️

Our local market coverage, expertise and technology is now your competitive advantage.
Gravy's lightning-fast job fulfillment rate is 3-5x better than comparative staffing options.

8,000+ Gravy workers

8,000+ Gravy workers

An hourly or permanent staffing solution, backed by local support. We curate top local talent, offer free training to level-up skills, and track and measure ratings & reviews from on-the-job performance.

800+ hiring employers

800+ hiring employers

Gravy lets employers post openings in seconds and easily manage their workers. Through smart technology and recruiting, we attract local talent that traditional staffing agencies often miss.

95%+ job satisfaction

95%+ job satisfaction

Gravy handles everything: recruiting, screening, background checks, e-verify, on-boarding, scheduling, time tracking, insurance, workers compensation including payroll and benefits.

Join us as a gravy worker
and get a $100 spot bonus 💵
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Why gravy workers love the lifestyle...

We’ll match you with jobs that have top pay and great benefits.

You pick work that fits your schedule, so you can live the life you love.

Every Gravy experience boosts your resume, skill sets and ratings for a living masterpiece.

Why employers
go-to gravy...

We have over eight thousand pre-qualified gig workers ready to go.

With Gravy, you can fill 90%+ of your openings with trusted talent, often same-day.

We help hundreds of businesses make temp staffing challenges a thing of the past.


The Future of Work is Gravy ™

Gravy is the go-to staffing platform trusted by top employers and loved by local workers.

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